Free Human-Like Animal Selfies for your Wallpaper

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A lot of animals are used as pets by people because of their charming and lovable features and because of this, many of the house pets have adapted human behavior and characteristics. These animals act like human beings because they adjust to the things that they see, hear and feel around their environment.

Most of the time, their owners take pictures of their pet to remind them of the funny and adorable things that they do to seek attention and react to the things around them. But in this article, we will feature funny wallpaper images of animals behaving like humans.

Animal Selfies for your Wallpaper


Hare Jordan

An animal selfie wallpaper image of a rabbit. The image of the rabbit resembles the popular trademark of Michael Jordan (Tounge out).

What are you looking at?

A funny wallpaper image of an Ostrich. The eyes of the Ostrich look angry and somewhat irritated at the person taking the picture.

How’s My Hair?

A weird and funny animal wallpaper image of a sheep. The sheep has long hair that looks like it came fresh out of a salon.

Hairy Model

An animal selfie wallpaper image of a Gorilla posing in front of the camera. The Gorilla has a masculine debonair look.

The Vegetarian Cat

A wallpaper image of a Cat eating some kind of herb or vegetable. It looks like the Cat is having a hard time eating the vegetable.

Relaxing in the Fireplace

A cool Dog wallpaper image. The Dog seems to be having a nice time relaxing near the fireplace.

Counting Cars

A selfie wallpaper image of a fat Cat sitting comfortably in the streets. The Cat’s eyes are focused on the streets.

Where’s my Fix?

A haggard looking Cat with a Coffee caption. This human-like animal selfies wallpaper imitates the common appearance of tired and stressed humans.

Milk Please!

A Cat with a look that most children make when they want something bad from their parents. The Cat has dazzling eyes that can captivate the heart and sympathy of people.

What the Heck, Dude!!

A funny image of a surprised Dog. This human-like animal selfies wallpaper imitates the usual funny antics that take place on college rooms and dormitories. 

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