Weird and Funny Animal Wallpapers for Free

Animals are fun, especially when they perform funny and weird stuff. Their carefree nature and animal instincts constantly brings amusing and funny moments to people (particularly when they get into trouble). Their hilarious images are always worthwhile to look at that is why these types of pictures have become popular wallpaper materials.

Fortunately, we have some of the best weird and funny animal wallpapers that you can download for free on our website.

Weird and Funny Animal Wallpapers


Drinks, Please!

A funny animal wallpaper featuring a rodent drinking a liquor bottle. This image captures the funny actions of a thirsty rodent.

The Karate Kid

A cute guinea pig performing the crane style from the movie Karate Kid. This weird wallpaper image of an animal is both amusing and funny.

Dog Accounting

This picture shows a dog wearing eyeglasses and carrying a pencil in his mouth. This animal wallpaper image features the humor that we get from a dog doing accounting works.

Bread, anyone?

A weird wallpaper image of a dog in a position that resembles the form of sliced bread.

Fast and the Furious

A weird and funny wallpaper image of a predator having difficulty catching his prey. This image shows a fast zebra riding a motorcycle that is being followed by an angry and furious puma (the puma is furious because he is having difficulty keeping up with the motorcycle).

Mission Impossible

A very smart mouse hanging from rope while trying to steal the cheese from the mouse trap. This weird and funny animal wallpaper reminds us of the famous movie scene from mission impossible.

Drunk Mice

Funny picture of three mice that are drunk from drinking too much liquor.

There is no place like home

A weird and funny wallpaper image of a polar bear trying to enter a small door. The looks on the face of the bears two cubs is hilarious.

The Joys of Sharing

This funny wallpaper image shows what the consequence is when you do not share.

UFC- Ultimate Fighting Cats

This funny and weird wallpaper image captures the popular sport of fighting. It features two cats fighting each other in UFC fashion.

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