Real Life Funny Signs for your Wallpaper

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Signs are important for delivering information to people. They are a needed for the safety and wellbeing of the people who reads it.  Even advertising signs are helpful in terms of providing information to the public.

But what happens when signs are done wrong.

Most of the time, they become a source of laughter and happiness to people who encounters them. To give you a few examples, we are featuring some of the real life funny signs wallpaper images, so that you can have your own supply of happiness that can entertain you whenever you need it.

Funny Signs Wallpaper


Funny Bar and Club Sign

This funny sign wallpaper image of a bar and restaurant sign focuses on the social stigma associated with bars and nightclubs.  

A Place of Worship

A funny real life sign found in a Baptist church. It uses the popular notion that sermons are boring to attract people to attend church.

A friendly reminder

This funny sign wallpaper provides a friendly reminder to those people who want to plans to drink their problems away.

Excellent Customer Service

 A funny sign promoting their friendly customer service.

Out of this world service

A hilarious image of a restroom sign. The owner of the establishment truly understands the value of equal rights between genders (and species).

Honest Advertisement

A weird wallpaper image of a very honest advertisement for a Yard Sale. Everything must truly go because the couple is probably getting a divorce.

Scary Road Sign

Talk about a road caution signs. If this sign doesn’t make you cautious, nothing will.

I have a Gun and I am not afraid to use it

If a Dog doesn’t scare you off a property, this sign probably will.

If the sign above doesn’t scare you

If a dog with a gun doesn’t scare you, you will definitely run from this sign.

The worst death ever

If death does not scare you, the $200 fine probably will.

Funny Instruction Signs

A detailed instruction on how to act when you encounter a wild animal in the mountains. This funny sign wallpaper image teaches you how to react when you face a mountain lion.  

Biggest Sale of the Century

A funny sign wallpaper of a mall sale advertising.

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