Baby Memes that will make you pee your pants

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The only thing in the world funnier than pictures of monkeys smoking is babies doing anything. And of course if the picture features a clever saying that imagines the baby saying something clever, all the better. Check out 30 baby memes that will make you pee your pants.

1. He’s a quick learner. I was twenty-two before I realized that.

quick learner

2. Intoxicated babies! Disturbing and hilarious.

3. Gotta’ love a happy ending.

4. Im still seeking an answer to that one.

seeking answer

5. Probably true.

6. Haven’t we all had that moment?

7. Maybe longer.

8. Scary thought

9. I believe him

10. More drunk babies!

11. Help me!

12. Good question. I should reconsider the arrangement.

13. He’s right to be afraid

14. We have a winner!

15. So sad when they reach this point before puberty. 

16. Same reaction I had the last time it happened to me.

17. I don’t envy the count.


18. I should try that line sometime.

19. I did sometime around number eleven.

20. Better safe than sorry.

21. Don’t worry, kid. You can still ride it.

22. Smurf-alicious

23. I’ve got to find a basket

24. It’s funny because it’s true.

25. We’re pulling for you, kid!

26. Some questions are better off not asked.

27. I wouldn’t want to meet him on the monkey bars.

28. The smart money’s on the one on the left.

29. I’m with her!

30. It does?


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