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Why So Many Fails? 

No good has ever come from showing off. Very little has been accomplished by carlessly planned stunts. And most of the drama we see on the internet could have been avoided if someone had thought twice before they did something crazy. But sadly, in our society, people like to show off, tend to be quite careless and rarely think before they act. That my friends, is why we have an entire album loaded with epic fails!

As embarrassing as these Hilarious Pictures may have been for these unsuspecting fools, this album is quite enjoyable. It has been a while since I have laughed this hard and I am sure you will get a kick out of these pictures too. Just be careful not to wake your kids or annoy your neighbours with your laughter. Try to take very deep breaths if you begin to cry or your sides begin to hurt while you laugh.

Fail Jokes

Before women started to wear short skirts, a man who was interested had to listen very carefully to hear if she had knock-knees.

One irate teacher made the sad mistake of asking his overweight student whether he ate his homework. That teacher is now sitting on the edge of their seat awaiting word as to whether he will be fired.

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