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If you think cartoons are for kids, I think these Hilarious Wallpapers will change your mind. Once you take the time to see how just a few seconds of looking at these crazies will make your day, you will realize just how wrong you were. While it is easy to say you are too mature to be entertained by these kinds of images, it is much more difficult to keep a straight face while scrolling through a whole gallery loaded with these goofy pictures.

Why You Should Laugh it Up

Laughing keeps you young and keeps your immune system in good shape. In fact, you need far less muscles to smile than to frown. So instead of wasting your time reading another boring blog about work or school, why not get a good laugh instead? These Images of Cartoons are too funny to ignore or to keep to yourself. Just be careful not to laugh too loudly and disturb your neighbours.

30 Seconds of Laughter

What is most likely to happen to a frog’s car if it breaks down?  It’s going to get toad away.

Do you think a Kangeroo can jump higher than the Eiffel Tower? Of course silly! The Eiffel Tower can’t jump!

What kind of chips would you feed your computer? Microchips

Keep the laughter going and scan though our Free Cartoon Images Gallery. You can download as you like, for free.

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