The Most Dangerous Places to take Your Selfies Wallpaper Pictures

Selfies or Selfie is the name of an activity or hobby where people take a picture by themselves. It is considered as one of the most entertaining and amusing activities that people perform nowadays.

This activity is very popular among the youth because it helps them express their personalities and emotions to the public. Selfies is not a bad thing when done responsibly and with care. However, some people goes beyond safe boundaries when they want to seek attention through performing selfies on unusual and dangerous places and situations, which may cause danger not only to the person taking the funny wallpaper picture but also to those around them.

Dangerous Selfies Wallpaper Pictures


On Top of a Narrow Building

One of the most dangerous selfie images that caused the electrocution of the girl who took the picture. This selfies wallpaper image caused the girl to fall from the narrow bridge of a building.

Inside the Operating Room

Both unethical and dangerous for the patient. This selfish selfies wallpaper image shows a girl taking a picture in front of a mirror on the operating room, while someone was being operated on.

In front of a burning car

A man taking a picture in front of a burning car. This dangerous wallpaper image can not only cause disaster to the car but also the person taking the picture.

Near Hungry Animals

This hungry Animal wallpaper image shows what can happen when you are not careful while taking selfies near hungry creatures. The woman taking the picture appears to feel pain when this animal bit her on the face.

Near an Explosion

This Selfies wallpaper picture shows two ladies taking a picture near an explosion, while people are trying to run away from the location. This is not only dangerous but also insensitive to the people who were hurt from that incident.

On the Railway Tracks

This fictional weird wallpaper image of a man taking a selfie on the tracks is both irresponsible and stupid. It is very dangerous to take pictures on the railway tracks, especially if there is a train nearby.

While Mountain Climbing

This dangerous selfies wallpaper shows a man taking a picture while climbing the mountain. This kind of selfie picture is hazardous because mountain climbing activity is already dangerous on its own.

Near a Burning House

There is nothing to smile about when a house is burning, especially if it is yours.

On Top of a Skyscraper

This dangerous selfies wallpaper image of a man taking a picture while hanging on the pole of a high skyscraper building is just plain dangerous.

In Front of Dead People

This GTA wallpaper image of a man taking an image in front of his dead burning buddies is perhaps the most unethical and careless thing to do.

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