Funny Wallpaper

Your computer’s wallpaper can get boring awfully quick. After all, how much can you really look at that picture of Kim Kardashian’s incredibly sexy ass? Forever? Okay, bad example. My point is you need some new wallpaper. Here are some ideas to get you started.

1 Star Wars + Sesame Street = hilarious 

2 Very funny (for everybody except your boss)

3 They need a bigger boat

4 You might want to stay away from this guy’s cubicle

5 Hey nurse!

6 Mystery solved

7 Looks deliciously adorable

8 Perpetual pain

9 Awwww!

10 This is your brain on cookies

11 This says it all

12  A tragedy!

13  Too cold in the room?

14  It’s nice to share

15  A helpful reminder

16  It should get here any day now

17  Finding Nemo’s killer

18  Inappropriate but funny

19  God help us all!

20  You gotta’ love polite wallpaper

21  Owls can be so smug

22  When he get’s out, watch out!

23  You’ve been warned

24  A nutritious breakfast for any Jedi knight

25  I’ll take the one on the right, please

26  Hilarious. No, I mean, horrific

27  I prefer jogging

28  That’s disgusting! And funny.

29  The story of my life (Monday through Friday)

30  Otherwise known as the only reason to be alive


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