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Welcome to! The team has gone above and beyond the call of duty to find some of the funniest wallpapers on the planet. We have made it extremely hard to keep a straight face on this website. In all honesty, we are not even sure it is legal to have wallpapers this funny all in one place. Best of all, we will update our Fresh, Popular and Random Funny Pictures Wallpaper Gallery quite often, so there will always be something new to keep you laughing.

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All the images in the HD Wallpapers Gallery are free. It is also free to customize any of the wallpapers you want to keep. That is why there is no reason for you not to download a few of these amazing images.

  • Lolcats 63 Cool Wallpaper 1024x768 - 286.99 KB - jpg 3.1k

    Lolcats 63 Cool Wallpaper

  • Lolcats 62 Wide Wallpaper 1536x1152 - 275.75 KB - jpg 1.3k

    Lolcats 62 Wide Wallpaper

  • Lolcats 61 Hd Wallpaper 1024x768 - 339.94 KB - jpg 2.3k

    Lolcats 61 Hd Wallpaper

  • Lolcats 60 Wide Wallpaper 1024x768 - 200.54 KB - jpg 2.1k

    Lolcats 60 Wide Wallpaper

  • Lolcats 59 Wide Wallpaper 1024x768 - 412.08 KB - jpg 2.0k

    Lolcats 59 Wide Wallpaper

  • Lolcats 58 Cool Wallpaper 1280x800 - 949.57 KB - jpg 2.1k

    Lolcats 58 Cool Wallpaper

  • Lolcats 57 Widescreen Wallpaper 715x536 - 56.81 KB - jpg 1.5k

    Lolcats 57 Widescreen Wallpaper

  • Lolcats 56 Background 553x454 - 73.2 KB - jpg 1.5k

    Lolcats 56 Background

  • Lolcats 55 Hd Wallpaper 640x459 - 50.31 KB - jpg 1.7k

    Lolcats 55 Hd Wallpaper

  • Lolcats 54 Desktop Wallpaper 500x368 - 57.03 KB - jpg 1.2k

    Lolcats 54 Desktop Wallpaper

  • Lolcats 53 Background 600x449 - 32.65 KB - jpg 2.5k

    Lolcats 53 Background

  • Lolcats 52 Free Hd Wallpaper 597x446 - 125.35 KB - jpg 1.2k

    Lolcats 52 Free Hd Wallpaper

  • Lolcats 51 Desktop Wallpaper 500x384 - 144.99 KB - jpg 1.5k

    Lolcats 51 Desktop Wallpaper

  • Lolcats 50 Free Hd Wallpaper 600x498 - 51.17 KB - jpg 1.5k

    Lolcats 50 Free Hd Wallpaper

  • Lolcats 49 High Resolution Wallpaper 500x375 - 29.84 KB - jpg 1.4k

    Lolcats 49 High Resolution Wallpaper

  • Lolcats 48 Free Wallpaper 1024x768 - 135.4 KB - jpg 2.1k

    Lolcats 48 Free Wallpaper

  • Lolcats 47 Free Wallpaper 800x531 - 205.34 KB - jpg 1.5k

    Lolcats 47 Free Wallpaper

  • Lolcats 46 Cool Wallpaper 1302x897 - 814.28 KB - jpg 983

    Lolcats 46 Cool Wallpaper

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